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Institute of Mountain Environment

Research Scholars

Muzaffar A Kichloo: Research Scholar (Ph. D)

Research Interest:

  • Wildlife Assessment and Monitoring
  • Conservation Biology
  • Alpine Rangelands and High altitude ecosystems
  • Marginal livelihoods, conflicts and socioeconomics.
  • Religeon and environmental conservation.


Ph: +919697277711


Adil Najeeb: Research Scholar (M. Phil)

Research Interest:

  • Subalpine-Alpine Ecosystems and their interfaces
  • Elevational gradation of vegetation and their characterstics
  • Tourism and Environment.


Ph: +918803239060


Dinesh S Baloria: Research Scholar ( Ph. D)

Research Interest:

  • Biodiversity characterization at high altitude landscapes
  • Interface ecology
  • Community structure and ecosystem functioning.


Ph: +918716913037


Ravinder Gandhi: Research Scholar (Ph. D)

Research Interest:

  • Surface water quality characterization and pollution load assessment
  • Stream ecology of hill stream ecosystem.


Ph: +919622153293













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