Landscape Department

After acquisition of 410 kanals of land at Sungli for Bhaderwah Campus of Jammu University during the year 2006, the landscaping unit of the Campus undertook following landscaping and development works:

  • Establishment of Peach, Apple, Cherry & Pecanut orchard in 25 kannal of area.
  • Plantation of apple trees in an area of 160 kannals.
  • Establishment of Tulip garden in an area of 30 kannals.
  • Micro planning and landscaping of area around main block.
  • Development, landscaping and micro planning of area around prefab structures.
  • Training of Nallah adjoining helipad and creation of water bodies in the nallah.

Establishment of Peach, Apple, Cherry and Pecanut Orchard:
In the 1st phase during  Dec. 2006 79 peach plants, 932 apple trees of different varieties 125 cherry plants and 21 pecanut plants were planted in an area of 25 kannals at two different locations, one along Sungli Sartingal link road and other on last boundary of campus area towards  Neeru/river. The two orchards were laid with the active cooperation of state Horticulture department. The landscaping unit of the Campus is maintaining these plants with approximately 90% survival.

Plantation of Apple Trees:
Approximately, 7525 apple saplings of 2 years age were planted in an area of 160 kannals during the year 2007. The Horticulture department of the state govt. supplied plant material. The following varieties of apple were planted:

High Denisity
Gramy Smith:                50 No.
Copper-4:                      200 No.
Golden Delicious:           550 No.
Red Delicious:                2100 No.
Star Crimson:                1800 No
Mllis Delicious:              2725 No.
Red Delicious                25No.
Golden Delicious:           25 No.
Razakwari:                    25 No.
Star Crimson:                25 No.       
Cooper-4:                      25 No.

Cosia:                            50 No.

Establishment of Tulip Garden:
An area of approximately 30 kannals falling inbetween Sungli Sartingal road & main building of the Campus, was earmarked for establishment of the tulip garden.
The Floriculture department of state govt. supplied approximately 26,000 tulip bulbs of orange, red, pink, yellow, white, marigold colours for plantation in the garden.
During Nov.-Dec. 2008, the unit prepared the area for replantation of tulip bulbs cropped during June, 2008 and planted approximately ……… bulbs colour wise in different beds. Besides, the unit also planted bulblets in an area of 1.5 kannals.

Development, Landscaping & Microplanning of area around Main Building of the Campus:
Approximately 23000 sq. ft. area on right and left side of main entrance of the academic block has been developed and landscaped. Out of this area, approximately 10,000 aq. ft area on left hand side of main entrance has been converted into lawn by planting local grass slabs.
Beside developing this area an area of approximately 4,700 sq. ft. falling in between academic and administrative blocks was developed, landscaped and microplanned by way of making proper slope and plantation of ornamental trees (Juniper elongata) and flowering bushes, viz Hydraugea, Azalea & Roses. Besides plantation of flowering bushes, flowering seasonals viz Chrysanthemums, Geranuim, Pansy and Gazenia, have been planted in flower beds.
Approximately 7500 sq. ft. area falling on left hand side of main entrance of academic block has been leveled and dressed up. This area will be converted into lawn by planting Korean grass scrap by way of dibbling during February-March 2009.
An area of approximately 6400 sq. ft. falling on both sides of link road linking proposed lower parking in front of main building and existing upper parking has been developed, landscaped and micro planned except turfing. Juniper elongata trees have been planted on both sides of this link road.
Rose bushes, Camelia, Snow ball, Azalea flowering bushes have been planted in the terraces. Turfing with Korean grass scraps will be done during February-March 2009.

Landscaping and Microplanning of Area around Prefab-Structures:
Approximately 12 kannal of area around prefab-structures has been developed by retaining the natural contour of terraces but joining them by giving gentle slopes to the bunds, leveling different terraces, turfing the terraces by dibbling Korean grass scraps. The area has been micro planned by designing the path way linking different prefab structures, planting Erysine edging on both sides of path, planting flowering bushes of rose, Hibiscus, Camelias, Azalea, Fuschia and snow ball in groups at different places. Besides, seasonal flower beds have been created and developed on the slopes of bunds and in the terraces. The seasonals like Gazinia, Dahalia, Petunias, Dianthus, Verbena, Sweetwilliam, Antrihinum, have been planted in these beds.

Training of Nallah and Creation of Water Bodies:
Designing and Training of Nallah by creation of water bodies adjoining helipad was done with the help of Soil Conservation Dept of the state govt.













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