May 22, 2015: Bhaderwah Campus Organise Placement Drive:

May 10, 2014: Bhaderwah Campus Holds Interactive Meeting with Prominent Citizenry of Bhaderwah
Bhaderwah Campus today held an interactive meeting with the members of civil society, press, police and civil administration. Prof. G. M Bhat, Rector Bhaderwah Campus besides presenting the profile of Bhaderwah Campus also highlighted the initiatives being taken by the administration for the overall progress and development of the Institution. The prominent citizens in their remarks appreciated the efforts of present administration and offered their full support and cooperation in all future endeavors of the campus. Few of the suggestions included the inclusion of new courses, full fledged medical facilities for then campus, public outreach and extension activities involving general public. Since Bhaderwah experience extreme cold during winters, the general public also appealed Vice Chancellor to include the campus in winter zone as prevailing in the whole Chenab catchment. The public hailed the efforts of the present Vice Chancellor Prof. Mohan Paul Singh Ishar and appreciated his efforts and concerns in taking forward the campus to the road of progress and prosperity, and further hoped that the campus will outshine many other Institutions in the state under his able patronage and consistent guidance of Prof. G.M Bhat, Rector Bhaderwah Campus. Prominent among those who spoke on the occasion includes, Prof. Mohd Iqbal Zargar, Sh. Mast Nath Yogi, Master Haji Ghulam Rasool, Master Chander Kant Sharma, Mohd. Saleem Wani, Sh. Riaz Ahmed Najar, Sh. Koushal Kumar Gupta, Sh. D.K Dogra,  Mr. Majid Malik.     The public seemed much enthusiastic and requested for more similar interactions in the near future.



April 22, 2014 : Institute of Mountain Environment, Bhaderwah Campus organized one day workshop on ‘State of Environment in the Himalayas’ on the eve of Earth Day 2014. Prof. G.M Bhat, Rector, Bhaderwah Campus and Chief Guest on the occasion in his key note address highlighted the global environmental scenario in terms of global warming, sea level rise, natural and man induced disasters, biodiversity loss and extinctions, etc. He emphasized upon the audience to inculcate moral environmentalism and work for the visible societal transformation by adopting the basic rules of life like passion for nature, love for wildlife, energy conservation, efficient resource utilization etc. 
IME, Bhaderwah is holding a series of events under the aegis of Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India which will include a green marathon, plantation drive, cleanliness drive, student rallies, street shows, debate competitions, invited lectures and an open air biodiversity workshop at Sarthal and Jai, Dr. Neeraj Sharma, Organizing Secretary and In-charge IME and said. 
Mr. Shayan Javeed, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Economics, IME presented the welcome address and highlighted in his technical presentation, the socio-environmental implications themarginalizedmountain communities are facing and their response in the changing global scenario. Mr. Chhering Tandup, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Earth Sciences introduced the theme of the workshop and apprised the audience about the history and significance of this day. In his presentation, he elaborately narrated the problems, the Himalayas especially the Trans-Himalayas are facing. He emphasized upon the do’s and do not’s to conserve the fast dwindling natural resources. Dr. Neeraj Sharma, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Life Sciences presented his talk on State of Environment in Jammu and Kashmir wherein he highlighted the pollution load in atmosphere as well as major water bodies of Jammu and Kashmir. Besides he also explained the current status of Biodiversity highlighting the number of species, their conservation status and ecological importance.  Dr. Subhash Chander, HOD, English recited his poem on the occasion. The lectures were followed by a ‘pledge of life’  and an open  interactive sessionwherein all the experts very lucidly responded to the queries of the audience. Prof. G.M Bhat in his presidential remarks congratulated IME and offered his best wishes for the successful conduct of whole series of Earth Day celebrations 2014.  A formal vote of thanks was presented by Mr. Muzaffar Ahmed, Research Scholar, FoLS, IME. The proceedings were conducted by Ms. Anu Sharma, Research Scholar, FoLS, IME, Bhaderwah Campus.

Prof. G.M Bhat Rector Bhaderwah Campus delivering key note address on the occasion.

Bhaderwah Campus, University of Jammu organized Seminar and Rally on the eve of International Women’s Day

Rally organized by Bhaderwah Campus, University of Jammu on the eve of International Women’s Day
Bhaderwah, March 8th 2014:
Bhaderwah Campus, University of Jammu organized Seminar followed by Rally on the eve of International Women’s Day. Prof. G.M.Bhat Rector Bhaderwah Campus, conveyed the audience the importance of Women in the society as whole and said no country can develop and sustain if women in these countries are not respected, empowered and emancipated. Other faculty members also addressed the gathering and stressed that women can only be empowered and liberated if they are given the access to education. Students also presented their views on the theme of the day.  

The seminar was followed by Rally, provided with full security by J&K Police, was lead by the Incharge HOD MCA Department Mr. Sourabh Shastri, Incharge Assistant Registrar Dr. Umesh Choudhary and Convener Students Welfare Dr. Rakesh Sharma. The aim behind organizing the rally was to give a message of women empowerment and emancipation of women to the people of Chenab Valley on this precious day. All the students participated actively in the Rally, holding banners, posters and charts. The rally started from Bhaderwah Campus, Sungli and going through Seri Market, vibrating the whole locality, was hailed by the  locals, who hoped that this temple of higher learning will continue to organize such programmes in future also to aware and motivate the society, and the rally culminated at Pasri Market. Mr. Shayan Javeed Incharge IME, Mr. Abhishek Sharma, Ms. Vidhu Koul, Mr. Kulbeer Singh Katoch, Ms. Sundus Sheikh, Mr. Kaku Ram, Mr. Haris Riaz, Ms. Nidhi, Ms. Preeti, Mr. Arif Khateeb, Mr. Yasser Ali were also present and accompanied the rally with the students.

Institute of Mountain Environment, Bhaderwah Campus celebrates world wildlife day

March 03, 2014: Institute of Mountain Environment (IME), Bhaderwah Campus organized one day interactive workshop on ‘Himalayan Wildlife – concerns and challenges’ on the eve of Maiden World wildlife Day  at Bhaderwah Campus. Setting the context, Dr. Neeraj Sharma, In-charge IME, presented the welcome address, introduced the theme and highlighted the significance of the day.
Prof. G.M Bhat, Rector Bhaderwah Campus and Chief Guest on the occasion at the outset congratulated IME for organizing this historical event, being celebrated world over for the first time today.  In his plenary lecture highlighted the issues and challenges the mountain wildlife is facing and impressed upon the audience to inculcate the sense of conservation of nature and natural resources and more importantly the wildlife contained therein. Mr. Shayan Javeed, Assistant Professor, IME in his presentation on ‘Economic growth and wildlife conservation’ highlighted the issues of carrying capacity of ecosystems viz-a-viz rural livelihood dependence. Mr. Muzaffar Kitchloo spoke at length on the mountain ungulates and their predators in Jammu and Kashmir. Dr. Neeraj Sharma discussed about the ecosystem values and services the nature provides to the marginal communities in the mountains and those living downstream.  He highlighted the issues and challenges the wildlife is facing in changing ecological and geo-political context.  The series of lectures was followed by an open interactive session wherein all the participants shared their views and suggestions which were later incorporated in the form of a resolution, ‘Save nature, save wildlife’ which was later adopted by the house.
Prof. G.M Bhat in his concluding remarks impressed upon the faculty to contribute their best to the society and disseminate the message to save nature and wildlife resources at public door steps as spelled out in the resolution. Besides, he expressed a number of novel ideas and adoptable strategies for the betterment of society especially the marginalized mountain dwellers whose livelihood is dependent on natural resources.  
Formal vote of thanks was presented by Dr. Neeraj Sharma, Assistant Professor IME.

Interactive session with students under way


Bhaderwah Campus Organizes Guest Lectures

Bhaderwah, Mar 2, 2014:

Institute of Mountain Environment, Bhaderwah Campus, University of Jammu, organized Guest Lectures. The Programme started with the Welcome Address presented by Dr. Neeraj Sharma, Assistant Professor and Incharge, Institute of Mountain Environment. Mr. ChheringTundop, Assistant Professor, Institute of Mountain Environment, conducted the proceedings.

The first lecture was delivered by Prof. Harjit Singh, CSRD, Former Dean, SSS JawaharLal Nehru University, New Delhi, India, who spoke on the topic, “Evolution and Change in Himalayan Climate”. In his lecture Prof Singh highlighted the change that has taken place in the Himalayas over the course of history, right from the times immemorial to the British Rule and from British Rule to the times present. He also highlighted the significance of traditional trades and pilgrimages in causing changes to Himalayan climate and modern effects like that of tourism, European commodities like tea and apples etc. and the movies like 3 Idiots.

The second lecture was delivered by Prof. Milap Chand Sharma, CSRD, SSS,JawaharLal Nehru University, New Delhi, India, who delivered the lecture on the topic, “Relationship between Anthropogenic Activities and Recession of Glaciers”.In his lecture Prof Sharma highlighted the significance of sustainable development and also highlighted the significance of traditional wisdom to complement the modern day development.

The lectures were succeeded by interactive session, in which students, scholars from various departments of the campus participated actively

Prof. GM Bhat, Rector, Bhaderwah Campus, University of Jammu, in his concluding remarks highlighted the importance of such Lectures in providing the students and scholars with the exposure of international level and giving them the first-handexperienceto the interdisciplinary dialogue. Prof Bhat also appreciated the endeavour on the part of the speakers to have come to Bhaderwah Campus in this challenging and harsh season.

MCA Department, Bhaderwah Campus, University of Jammu Organized one day Regional Seminar on the theme ‘Information Technology, Computer Research and Development – Emerging Paradigms in Modern World’ (16.11.2013)

Ghulam Nabi Azad inaugurated One Day Regional Seminar at Bhaderwah Campus, University of Jammu Ghulam Nabi Azad, Union Minister for Health and family welfare inaugurated one day regional seminar on the theme ‘Information Technology, Computer Research and Development – Emerging Paradigms in Modern World’ organised by MCA Department of Bhaderwah Campus, University of Jammu. In his address, Azad Congratulated Staff ,Teachers and Students of Bhadarwah Campus for their best efforts to organise such seminar in an institution which is still in its early stages of development. Azad also appreciated remarkable growth of Bhadarwah Campus in a short span of time. Azad also released the maiden book titled “Preliminary Objective Question Cluster” authored by Sourabh Shastri, Astt. Professor Bhadarwah Campus”. Prof. M.A Malik and Prof G.M.Bhat, in their  address, pointed out the significance of the seminar in generation and dissemination of knowledge. Rector Bhadarwah Campus thanked Naresh Gupta, MLC for donating 15 lakhs to Bhadarwah Campus out of his Constituency Development Fund. Besides Prof Vibhakar Mansotra, HOD Computer Science and IT, University of Jammu, Dr Vijay Singh Rathore, from Jaipur delivered their lecture on the theme of the seminar.

Others who were present in the Seminar includes Ch. Lal Singh, Member Parliament, Ab. Majeed Wani, Minister for works, Shabir Khan, MOS Health, Mohd. Sharief Niaz, MLA Bhadarewah, Sh. Javed Azad, Chairman Muncipal Committe Bhadarwah, Sh. Mubarak Singh,  DDC Doda, Delegates from various parts of country, Students and Staff of Bhadarwah Campus. Mr. Cheering Tendup, Assistant Professor, IME presented the seminar report, Mr. Sourabh Shastri, Incharge Head of MCA Department and Organizing Secretary of the seminar presented a formal vote of thanks. Dr Rakesh Sharma and Ms Nidhi Sambyal Conducted the proceedings of the Seminar.

(25.10.2013) The Business School, Bhaderwah Campus, Orgnised one day seminar on 25.10.2013 on "Economic Dynamisim & Job Volatility" 18 papers were present in the seminar. Presenters came from different parts of the state. Prof. MukoPadhya was the chief guest of the inaugural session.


MCA Department, Bhaderwah Campus, University of Jammu Organized Rally Followed By Seminar on The Eve of International Women’s Day (on March 08, 2013)

MCA Department, Bhaderwah Campus, University of Jammu organized Rally followed by an interactive seminar on the eve of International Women’s Day. The function was presided over by the Incharge HOD MCA Department Mr. Sourabh Shastri who while speaking highlighted various aspects of women and threw light on the importance of women in the society. The programme began with a rally, which started from Bhaderwah Campus and culminated at Seri Market Bhaderwah, in which all the students of MCA Department took part and the rally was flagged off by Incharge Head MCA Department Mr. Sourabh Shastri and Incharge Head MBA Department Dr. Umesh Choudhary. Mrs. Bablu Sharma, Ms. Nidhi Sambyal, Mr. Amit Sharma, Mr. Muzaffer Hameed and Mr. Kulvir Singh were also present and accompanied the rally with the students of MCA Department.

In the seminar various speakers including faculty members and students expressed their views. Dr. Umesh Choudhary while speaking described various roles of women. Mrs. Bablu Sharma, Ms. Nidhi Sambyal and Mr. Amit Sharma expressed their views in the role of women in the present society. Mr. Rachit Gupta presented a speech on women’s empowerment followed by a solo song by Mr. Dinesh Andotra student of MCA 4th semester. Jyoti Bakshi, Arun, Aditya, Suhail, Sagar, Yasir and Shubam  coordinated the whole function. At the end, Incharge HOD MCA Department Mr. Sourabh Shastri presented a formal vote of thanks.


MCA Department, Bhaderwah Campus, University of Jammu Organizes a Seminar on Information & Communication Technology (on March 01, 2013)

MCA Dept, Bhaderwah Campus, University of Jammu, organized a seminar on Information and communication technology on 1st of March,2013 in the premises of the department. In the seminar various speakers including faculty members and students expressed their views. The programme commence with the welcome note of the I/C Head of the Dept Sourabh Shastri who highlighted various aspects of emerging technologies. Mrs. Bablu Sharma ,Ms. Nidhi Sambyal, Ms. Preeti Rajput, Mr. Amit Sharma and Mr. Muzaffer Hameed were the faculty members who grace the occasion with their presence.
Dinesh, Narinder, Shubham, Neha, Kanchan, Jayoti, Ankush, Bharat, Aditya, Suhail, Rachit, Akash, Kalicharan, Arun were the speakers of Semester 4th from the Dept of Computer Science & IT. They shared their views on various topics including Quantum Computing, Cloud Computing, grid Computing, NFC, ATM, E-governance.

The participation were also given certificates where Suhail & Rachit bagged first position, Kalicharan & Arun bagged second position and bharat & aditiya stood third in the seminar. At the end, I/C HOD MCA Sourabh Shastri presented a formal vote of thanks.



Inaugural Session: (10:30 am to 1:30 pm)

The Institute of Mountain Environment (IME), Bhaderwah Campus, University of Jammu in collaboration with WWF India, J & K Chapter organized a one day seminar ‘Forests for Sustainable Livelihood’ on May 12, 2012 under National Environmental Awareness Campaign, Ministry of Environment and Forests (Govt. of India). Prof. I.A Hamal, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Baba Gulam Shah Badshah University, Rajouri was the Chief Guest on occasion whereas Prof. M.P.S Ishar, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, University of Jammu presided over the function. 
Prof. M.A. Malik, Rector, Bhaderwah Campus in his welcome adress apprised the audience about the profile of different departments of Bhaderwah campus and explained the new initiatives being taken for progressive growth of the campus. Besides highlighting the objectives of Institute of Mountain Environment, he detailed out the future course of action of the budding research centre.

Prof. Shashi Kant, Environmental Expert, former HOD Botany and Dean, faculty of Life Sciences, University of Jammu  introduced the theme of the seminar and apprised the august audience about the initiatives being taken by WWF India J & K chapter under National Environmental Awareness Campaign by  Ministry of Environmental and Forests, Govt. of India. He called for collaborative research initiatives in field of biodiversity conservation, environmental management and extension education. His particular stress was on knowing and disseminating to the maximum.    1

Prof. M.P.S Ishar, Hon ’ble Vice Chancellor, University of Jammu in his presidential address impressed upon the audience  the importance of natural resources and their conservation for sustainable development. The natural splendors of high mountainous areas of Himalayas sustain a number of livelihoods residing within and along the peripheries, he added. He further emphasized upon the audience to live in harmony with nature and contribute their maximum in conservation of natural resources and disseminating environmental awareness. He called upon the optimal involvement of marginalized sector whose livelihood is forest dependent.   

Prof. I.A Hamal, Hon ’ble Vice Chancellor, BGSBU, and the Chief Guest on the2 occasion aptly addressed the theme in his impressive PowerPoint presentation. He very lucidly narrated the importance of forest resources of the Himalayas and explained how intricately the marginalized people are dependent upon the natural resources (minor forest produce, wild fruits, medicinal and aromatic plants, spices and condiments etc) for earning their livelihoods. He offered valuable suggestions for the rural folk to earn more money out of judicious use of natural resources.

Dr. Neeraj Sharma, Organizing Secretary of the seminar and Head Institute of Mountain Environment, proposed the formal vote of thanks.

3Others present on the occasion included Prof. Naresh Padha, Registrar, University of Jammu, Prof. M.A Malik, Rector Bhaderwah Campus, Prof. Manoj Dhar, Controller of Examination and Director, School of Biotechnology, University of Jammu, Prof. Rajkumar Rampal, Head, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Jammu, Prof. Anil K Raina, Former HOD, Department of Environmental Sciences. Principals and staff of Govt. Degree Colleges Doda and Bhaderwah, scientists from SKUAST-Jammu, district and local administration, members of civil society and students from different regions of erstwhile Doda District also participated in the event.


The Botanical garden, developed by the Institute of Mountain Environment in the campus premises was later inaugurated jointly by Prof. M.P.S. Isher (Hon’ble VC, JU) and I.A. Hamal (Hon’ble VC, BGSBU). Dr. Neeraj Sharma apprised the esteemed guests and experts about the properties and peculiarities of high altitude medicinal and aromatic plants. He further explained that the botanical garden shall further be expanded by the establishment of arboretum and plantation of other unique high altitude plant species. The inclusion of a forest patch (compartment 68) across Neeru stream is also under process with the state forest department, he added.

On the sidelines of the inauguration of Botanical Garden and other engagements of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, a symposium on the topic ‘Forests for sustainable livelihoods’ was conducted in which eighteen students of senior secondary standard participated from 10 different secondary schools across Doda, Kishtwar and Bhaderwah region. Akhyar Hussain Nehru, (Shaheen Public School, Doda), Kajal Rani (Govt. GHS School, Bahderwah) and Rohit Chandail (Green Model Higher Sec School,  Doda) secured first, second and third positions respectively.

Technical  / valedictory session: (2:00 pm to 4:30 pm)
The technical session commenced after lunch. The session was chaired by Prof. Shashi Kant, whereas Prof. Rajkumar Rampal and Prof. Anil K Raina acted as co-chairpersons. Prof. Anil Raina, Former Head, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Jammu in his presentation deliberated upon environmental issues being confronted in Jammu and Kashmir. His talk revolved around the natural resources of J & K, the impact of unprecedented infrastructural development on these resources, and, effective strategies thereof for their survival and conservation.   
Prof. Rajkumar Rampal, Head, Department of Environmental Sciences presented his talk on vermin-composting, the effective tool for solid waste management  and highlighted the importance of this clean technology for effective solid waste management and earning livelihoods.

56Prof. Shashi Kant at length deliberated upon the changing climatic scenario viz-a-viz  biodiversity of Jammu and Kashmir. He described the climate as most fascinating as well as most threatening aspect. Himalayas being the most fragile ecosystems of the world are more vulnerable to even slightest disturbances which can directly affect the rich biodiversity contained therein, he expressed. He further highlighted the implications of climate change on livelihood of the marginal communities and deliberated upon the remedial approaches need to incorporated in the policy formulation.

The healthy discussion / interaction following the technical presentations led to identification of certain issues and challenges related to different priority sectors.

The awards and certificates were given away by Prof. M.A Malik, Rector, Bhaderwah Campus.

Mr. Chhering Tandup, coordinator of the seminar, proposed vote of thanks in the valedictory session.   

The recommendations of the seminar include to:

  1. provide a platform to environmentalists, climatologists, mountain ecologists, hill development experts, scholars, scientists, natural resource specialists,  planners and above all the marginal sections of society for effective management of fast depleting natural resources.
  2. take stock of the current and future threats to rural livelihood options and devise the strategies thereof at local levels with adoption of traditional and scientific techniques with proactive involvement of government machinery and local communities.
  3. bring together all the major stakeholders including researchers, state government, NGO sector, and local communities at one platform to deliberate over the emerging issues and challenges confronting biodiversity and rural livelihoods in the Himalayas.
  4. mobilize the state governments and other key constituencies including civil society to build a strong voice for adaptation strategies for biodiversity conservation and alternate livelihood options in high altitude areas.
  5. deliberate upon the viable solutions for meeting long-term strategies in  improving the socio-economic status of marginal sections of society with the creation and adoption effective local policies and programs at individual and organizational levels.


MANTHAN 2012 Revolution Beyond 20-20: The Business School & Dept of Computer Science & IT, Bhaderwah Campus, University of Jammu attended a two day conclave "MANTHAN 2012 Revolution Beyond 20-20" at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra. Students attended lectures of eminent speakers and got a chance to interact with speakers like:

Mr. Punya Prasun Bajpai, Editor Zee News

Mr. Rakesh Shalla, Vice President, Vodafone J&K

Prof. P.K Sinha, IIM Ahmdabad

Ms. Sangeeta Bhal, Chairperson, Image Consultancy Gurgoan

Mr. Farhan Khan, Model, Actor & Short Film Director

Students also participated in an event "Street Smart" & bagged the first position. The coordinators for accompanying the students from Bhaderwah Campus were:

1). Mr. Jatinder Singh Manhas, Head Computer Science & IT

2). Ms. Rajbeer Kour, Faculty MBA

3). Mr. Kaku Ram, Faculty MBA

5). Ms. Preeti Rajput, Faculty MCA

The faculty members appreciated the efforts made by students for bagging First position and also emphasized that such events are extremely important for the students to develop their overall personality. Such kind of conclaves not only impart knowledge to the students but also give students an opportunity to listen to such eminent speakers from different part of the country & from different professional backgrounds.

The Head Computer Science & IT, Bhaderwah Campus Mr. Jatinder Singh Manhas gave due credit to the students who have participated in the event and emphasized that besides studies such type of exposures are really beneficial to the students of the offsite campuses of the University to compete with the rest of the world.

The Institute of Mountain Environment (IME) organized a one day workshop ‘Earth Won’t Wait Long’ to commemorate Earth Day 2012 on April 26, 2012. The theme was introduced by Dr. Neeraj Sharma, Assistant Professor and Convener of the workshop. He presented the summary of the foundation of Bhaderwah Campus of Jammu University and highlighted the objectives of Institute of Mountain Environment.   Mr. Jitender Manhas, Incharge Administration, Bhaderwah Campus welcomed the distinguished guests. Senior Professor V.S. Manhas, HOD, Department of Geography, University of Jammu was the chief guest of the function whereas Mr. Manzoor Hussain District Forest Officer, Bhaderwah was guest of honor. Mr. P.K. Pole (IAS), District Development Commissioner, Udhampur was the special guest on the occasion. He congratulated the organizers and lauded their efforts for successful conduct of the maiden event of the Institute. Prof. V.K Manhas emphasized upon the importance of imparting environmental education and awareness amongst the students and civil society in particular. Sh. Manzoor Hussain, DFO Bhaderwah congratulated the staff and students of Bhaderwah Campus for celebrating the World Earth Day as a noble cause. He applauded the activities of the Institute and conveyed his best wishes for all future endeavours.
A large number of students and the civil society of Bhaderwah participated in the interactive session. The key speakers presented their paper on key environmental issues Dr. Suresh Babu, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, University of Jammu emphasized upon the adoption of reasonable policies and strategies for sustainable development. Mr. Chhering Tandup, Faculty of Earth Sciences, IME deliberated upon the Impact of Climate Change on Public Health. Mr. Rakesh Kumar Atri, Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Jammu  spoke at length on role of aerosols on current environmental research. Mr. Inderjeet Singh delivered a talk on causes and implications of microclimatic climatic changes on the apple belt of Himachal Pradesh.
Mr. Sunil Bhardwaj Assistant Professor MBA presented his talk on Carbon credits whereas Mr. Abhishek and Ms. Rajbeer Kour, Lecturers Department of Business Administration Bhaderwah Campus, spoke on Carbon sequestration and Green marketing respectively.  Mr. Chhering Tandup, the Organizing secretary presented the formal vote of Thanks. The stage proceedings were conducted by Miss Ambish Malik, Department of English. In the last Mr. Cherring Tandup who made a key role in bringing resource personal from Jammu to Bhaderwah presented a vote of thanks specially to the print and electronic media.



The Business School, Bhaderwah Campus won first position in  National Level Business Fest, TATVA 2012: The Business School , Bhaderwah campus , University of Jammu got first position in National level Business fest, TATVA 2012 held at Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra on 12th & 13th april, 2012. Seventeen participants from The Business School, Bhaderwah Campus participated in eight events in SMVDU and bagged three 1st prizes, three 2nd prizes and one 3rd prize and stood as the overall winner of the TATVA 2012. Sunil Bhardwaj, Rohit Bhagat and Rajbeer kour were the coordinators of this visit to SMVDU. Sunil Bhardwaj (Training & Placement Coordinator, The Business School, Bhaderwah Campus) said, Beside good academics and corporate exposure we impart our students an education not devoid of moral, ethical and social values which play a pivotal role for the success of an organization which is clearly visible from our performance in TATVA 2012.
During the Fest, about 100 participants contributed to the success of events like Jingle Making, Ad-Mad Show & Launch a Product, Smart Sim, Recycle Bin, Business Quiz, Welcome to Hell, Future CEO, and Barter King. Business schools from ARNI University, Himachal Pradesh; Doon Business School, Dehradun; Central University of Kashmir, Kashmir; The Business School, University of Jammu; Kathua Campus, Bhaderwah Campus, University of Jammu; SET Business School, Jammu; IIPS, Jammu; MBS, Jammu; MIET.This programme provided twin benefits where participants not only enjoyed but also learnt many management skills. P.S. Gowtham from Doon Business School, Dehradun said, “The events are well organized and the exposure to an innovative event like Recycle Bin has led to a new line of thinking”.Tatva is one of the aspects which make SMVDU different from other universities in the region” Rohit bhagat (Student coordinator) from bhaderwah campus, university of jammu. Though the students of COM, SMVDU did not compete in the events yet they acknowledged the platform of ‘Tatva’ for showcasing their managerial competencies.


Seminar on Sustainable Development in Education and Tourism Sector in ChenabBasin: Vision 2020. A seminar was organized on the above mentioned topic where many educationist and experts gave presentation regarding the future prospects of education, tourism, adventure sports and employment avenues of this region. Hon’ble Chief Minister J&K State and Pro Chancellor Jammu University, Jenab Gh. Nabi Azad was the Chief Guest and Prof. Amitabh Mattoo was the Guest of Honour. Delegates from all over the state and outside attended the seminar. Hon’ble Chief Minister Jenab Gh. Nabi Azad, appreciated the staff and students of Bhaderwah Campus for organizing the seminar on a relevant topic.

Plantation Drive at Bhaderwah Campus: Hon’ble Chief Minister J&K  State and Pro Chancellor, University of Jammu Jenab Gh. Nabi Azad initiated the plantation drive of Horticulture plants at Bhaderwah Campus for making the environment serene. The students and staff of Bhaderwah Campus participated in the plantation drive.

Seminar on Mountainous Regions-An Agenda for the Future was organized on December 15th 2007. His Excellency, Governor  J&K State, Lt. Gen. S.K. Sinha (Rtd.) P.V.S.M. and Chancellor, University of Jammu was the Chief Guest and Prof. Amitabh Mattoo was the Guest of Honour.

A Glittering Mushaira was organized on June, 15th, 2007 day in collaboration with Rasa Javedani Memorial Literary Society in which poets from all over the state and outside participated. The programme was highly appreciated by the local public and Hon’ble Chief Minister J&K State was Chief Guest on the occasion.

World Environment Day Celebration: On the occasion of the World Environment Day a symposium was organized at Bhaderwah Campus which was attended by the students of various institutions.

Certificate Distribution of E-Learning Course: Bhaderwah Campus is running a certificate course for women from Sep. 2006. On the eve of the certificate distribution function of the said course, Hon’ble Chief Minister J&K State and Pro Chancellor, University of Jammu Jenab Gh. Nabi Azad distributed the certificates among the students of first four batches.

A Painting Competition was also organized on the occasion in which students from different institutions participated.





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