Teaching Faculty

The young and dynamic faculty of The Business School distinguishes it from other business schools. They are drawn from among the best minds, especially in the field of Marketing, Finance, Accounting and Marketing Research, and share among themselves a wealth of academic and industrial experiences. This affords the Institute an extensive network of contacts which are instrumental in getting corporate experts, live student projects, summer training assignments and industry inputs so essential to quality management education. This eclectic blend of faculty, researchers and professionals, with their management expertise gives The Business School, Bhaderwah Campus a unique professional standing in the country.

  • Qualification: Ph.D (Pursuing), MBA, UGC-NET
  • Areas of Teaching: Islamic Banking, Behavioural Finance, Security Markets
  • e-mail:mavaisju@gmail.com Ph: +91-7006458440
Mr. Mohammad Avais
In-Charge Head & Sr. Assistant Professor
  • Qualification:Ph.D, UGC-JRF, MBA
  • Areas of Teaching:Financial Markets and Instruments, Entrepreneurship and Skill Development, Financial Economics
  • e-mail:Sunil.tbs2010@gmail.com Ph: +91-9622221041
Dr.Sunil Bhardwaj
Senior Asstt. Professor
  • Qualification:Ph.D, UGC-NET, MBA
  • Areas of Teaching: Consumer Behaviour, Service Marketing, Rural Marketing
  • e-mail:rohitbhagat.ju@gmail.com Ph:+91-9469355118
Dr. Rohit Bhagat
Sr. Asstt Prof. & Placement Coordinator
  • Qualification: Ph.D, MTM
  • Areas of Teaching:Human Resource Management, Tourism Management
  • e-mail:dr.umeshchoudhary@gmail.com Ph: +91-9419216468
Dr. Umesh Chaudhary
Sr. Assistant Professor
  • Qualification:M.Com, PGDBM, UGC-NET, JKSET
  • Areas of Teaching: Rural Finance, Human Resource Accounting, Financial Accounting
  • e-mail:Ambitiousamit385@gmail.com Ph: +91-7889933232
Mr. Amit
  • Qualification: MBA, UGC-JRF
  • Areas of Teaching:Employee Engagement, Employee Satisfaction & Rention, Internal Marketing
  • e-mail: Meenakshi.nargotra123@gmail.com Ph: +91-9622136364
Dr. Meenakshi Nargotra
  • Qualification: Ph.D, MBA, BBA, PGDRD
  • Areas of Teaching:Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management, TQM
  • e-mail: Aatifqazi1104@gmail.com Ph: +91-9797320460
Dr. Atif Javeed Qazi
  • Qualification: M.Com, PGDBM, UGC-NET
  • Areas of Teaching:Financial Markets, Banking, Rural Financing
  • e-mail: Ayshagupta304@gmail.com Ph: +91-7006440058
Ms Aishiya
  • Qualification:M.Com, UGC-NET
  • Areas of Teaching:Financial Management, International Business, Banking & Financial Institutions
  • e-mail:Divinesonia1@gmail.com Ph: +91-7051206895
Ms. Sonia Sharma
  • Qualification:Ph.D, MPhil, MBA, PGDBM
  • Areas of Teaching: Financial Management, Accounting, industrial psychology, Organization Behaviour and Human resource management
  • e-mail:drsurekhaphakwrya@gmail.com Ph: +91-84929580725
Dr Surekha Phakwrya