Teaching Faculty

  • Qualification: MCA, PhD.
  • Areas of Teaching: Artificial Intelligence, N / W, Database and Web Technology
  • e-mail: manhas.jatinder@gmail.com Ph: +91-9419173793
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Dr. Jatinder Singh Manhas
In-Charge Head & Senior Asstt. Professor
  • Qualification:MCA, NET, JKSET, Ph. D.
  • Areas of Teaching: Artificial Intellegence, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Algorithim Design & Analysis
  • e-mail: sarwar.aabid@gmail.com Ph: +91-9697436894
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Dr. Abid Sarwar
Assistant Professor

Technical Staff

  • Qualification: MCA
  • Areas of Teaching: Programming in C, C++, Java, and Computer Graphics
  • e-mail:alpna_ash@yahoo.co.in Ph: +91-9797659089
Ms. Bablu Sharma
  • Qualification: MCA
  • Areas of Interest: Programming in C, C++, Java and Databases
  • e-mail:kate.1450@gmail.com Ph: +91-9906282232
Mr. Parvesh Singh
Asstt. Programmer
  • Qualification: BITM, MCA
  • Areas of Interes:Programming in C, C++, Java, and Web Applications
  • e-mail: aliyasser48@gmail.com Ph: +91-9622276004
Mr.yasser ali
Asstt. Programmer